Cindy Roker

Cindy Roker, REALTOR® – International Properties and Investments LLC

It is interesting how our paths cross throughout our life’s journey. Everything happens for a reason and Cindy being in our lives is certainly proof of this. We have known Cindy for many years, well, actually since we moved to Florida back in 1995.

I remember when her oldest daughter was a baby! My how time flies! We go to the same church and I was blessed to be her sons’ Wolf Den leader in Cub Scouts.

Cindy is a native born Floridian. There are more residents of Florida who can not claim that title then those who do:). She was born in the Good Samaritan Hospital right in West Palm Beach and was blessed to be born into a family of nine children. She is the seventh child out of the nine. She has lived her life here in Florida. She knows Palm Beach County!

She is a great volunteer. She serves in our church in many different capacities. Our church has no paid positions. She served as a missionary. She has been a Sunday school teacher for all age levels from babies to adults. She has also been the President of the Primary which is the children’s organization, the Relief Society which is the women’s organization and Young Women which is the teenage girl organization. Right now she is serving as our Visiting Teaching leader and is a great example to all of her awesome service and love of others.

Cindy Roker has had many different occupations along her journey in life. She has been a hair stylist, a pre-school teacher with an AS degree in education, a certified nurse’s assistant and our home’s manager. Cindy never expected to end up choosing real estate as her career. It was Nestor who told her she would make a great agent. She was so meticulous in keeping our home taken care of, organizing everything, clearing out items during our remodeling and she is willing to help with everything. We were remodeling another room in our home to become a second office and when it came time to stain the crown molding the “perfect color” all I had to do was show Cindy how I created the right color of stain, how I applied it and off she went. She took over the job and the crown molding turned out perfect! Nestor knew that she had that caring attitude and love of serving that would make her a fantastic and successful buyer agent. So one day he challenged her to take the course and pass the test! She did!

We are so excited that she has already closed her first transaction and has another one set to close any day. She is busy each and every day except Sundays with buyers. She loves to help buyers find their dream home. Cindy says she did not realize how much fun real estate would be. This is because she really cares. She also has an innate gift of knowing which house is right for each of her buyers.

Cindy has been married to Bruce for 29 years. The most amazing role in the world for Cindy is that of being a mother. Cindy and Bruce’s children have blessed their lives beyond measure.

Cindy and Bruce adopted 5 children. Three of these children are biological siblings. It is the cutest story ever and I just have to share it with you. They adopted Sarah. A couple of years later the adoption agency called them and told Cindy that the same mother that had Sarah was going to have another baby. Cindy had adopted three girls so she really wanted to have a boy. The agency said this baby was going to be a boy and Cindy was so excited she say YES, we will adopt the baby boy. The agency called to tell Cindy the mother was in labor at the hospital and to go to see her new baby boy. When she walked in everyone was so Cindy Rokersurprised because it was TWIN boys! Of course, Cindy and Bruce could not separate the twins so they went home with two baby boys.

Her greatest desire is to see her children grow to live happy, productive lives, always believing in themselves and especially in God’s love for them. She has come to know that there is no sweeter love than God’s love. She is a shining example to her children, to us and to everyone she comes in contact with that if you put God first you will be blessed beyond measure.

Welcome Cindy Roker to International Properties and Investments LLC. Contact Cindy at our office at 561-753-0135.