Florida Foreclosure Rescue Company Guilty of Fraud and Foreclosure Rescue Schemes- Homeowners Beware!

Florida Foreclosure Rescue Company Guilty of Fraud and Foreclosure Rescue Schemes- Homeowners Beware! 

Foreclosure Solutions Specialists ran their operation from 2006 to 2009. This was all before the new law was passed that you could not take money upfront from homeowners to do loan modifications or foreclosure rescue services. 

BEWARE! If a company claiming to be there to help you with your loan modification or help you avoid foreclosure is asking you for money up front and they are NOT an licensed attorney DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY!!! This is against the law. 

A jury in West Palm Beach Florida convicted Cathy Saffer of Pompano Beach and Barrington Coombs who is a certified public accountant of conspiracy and fraud charges of a foreclosure rescue rescue scheme. 

They promised to help distressed homeowners but swindled them out of the equity in their homes. This is from the U.S Attorney’s office. 

Another person pleaded guilty in March on the same charges. 

The women targeted distressed homeowners who were facing foreclosure. They advertised that their company could make is so that the homeowners could stay in their homes. They also told the homeowners that they would sell the homes to investors. This was a lie. 

The also promised the homeowners that they could buy back their homes from the investors. So these homeowners trusted these people to save their homes. They believed that these people had investor connections. They would then get to keep living in their homes, the company was supposed to keep them out of foreclosure and then one day buy back their home. 

This is one of the biggest scams out there! DON’T FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!! If it sounds too good to be true… 

But what these people really did was sell the houses to straw buyers. They also lied on loan applications about the straw buyers’ income, net worth, employment histories to manipulate the lenders into approving these loans. They paid the public accountant to sign falsified statements that the information was correct. This is called Fraud. 

The women then pocketed the equity and then of course, they allowed those new loans to go into foreclosure. Most of the homeowners were forced to move out of their homes. 


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